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Episode 128: "Donnie Darko" & "Enemy"

Gyllenhallelujah! Jake Gyllenhaal's career has led him through every kind of role you can think of - From bubble boys to rocket boys and soldiers to sociopaths... - But our favorite ones are the weirdest! Jake Gyllenhaal has had an incredible career, working with a wide range of directors from Ambulance's Michael Bay, to Okja's Bong Joon-Ho, to Zodiac's David Fincher.
But two filmmakers in particular saw him as more than a great actor - they saw him as a muse, and built movies around his unique voice.
Join us tonight as MG takes on Richard Kelly's iconic Donnie Darko and Denis Villeneuve's underseen Enemy!
MG gets weird with Gyllenhaal Drink. Talk. Drink


Episode 128: "Donnie Darko" & "Enemy"
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