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Episode 077: "Badlands" & "Buffalo 66"

Tonight MG takes on a couple of road-trip romances " Romance on the run! " Terrence Malick's breakout hit Badlands & Vincent Gallo's indie darling Buffalo '66 - but MG thinks these films reveal more about the audience than they do about their characters! " Shifter Cars !! " Romance-on-the-run is one of cinema's most enduring genres, ' from Gun Crazy to Wild at Heart - - but tonight's selections are a strange breed all by themselves: films built to test the audience's relationship to their heroes, and make us ask why we identify with them and their sometimes ugly stories! First up: Terrence Malick's breakout hit Badlands, in which an innocent-seeming Sissy Spacek follows handsome newcomer Martin Sheen on a cross-country killing spree - .. then next up is Vincent Gallo's quirky indie Buffalo '66 - one of Erick's favorites! #MartiniGiant #VincentGallo #ViloenceandCars

Episode 076: "Looper", "12 Monkeys" & " La Jette"

It's that time again! Time Travel Part IV! Tonight the fourth in our Time Travel series serves up a classic, a would-be classic, and a should-be classic... Time Travel Part IV! And all three share fascinating connections! Our first pick is Chris Marker's landmark stills-in-sequence short film La Jetée -- a movie so compelling that none other than Terry Gilliam remade it as our second choice: 12 Monkeys, featuring Bruce Willis -- which in turn made such an impression on the young Rian Johnson, that he cast Willis in our third pick, the mind-blowing sleeper hit Looper! #MartiniGiant

Episode 075: "True Stories"

A movie Dan hasn't seen! It's True! Tonight we have the third in our Blind Spot series - first there was Chris with A Clockwork Orange, then Erick with Ferris Beuller's Day Off - but given his vast-yet-comically-undiscerning knowledge of movies, picking a movie for Thron was a real challenge. Blind Spots Part III! But it was Chris that solved it with a picture that seems tailor made for Thron's tastes: indie, 80's, a first-time/only-time director, with an incredible soundtrack by a band he loves, plus a young John Goodman? Yep, it's David Byrne's lone directorial effort: the eclectic 1986 indie True Stories! #MartiniGiant

Episode 074: "Saturday Night Fever " & "Staying Alive"

MG is stayin' alive! MG takes two slices of Travolta! "If I cant have you .... " MG takes on a unique double feature with one of the best movies of the 70s and one of the worst movies of the 80's! That's right: John Badham's brilliant cultural landmark Saturday Night Fever, followed by Sylvester Stallone's epic fail of a sequel, Staying Alive! The first film made John Travolta's career, while the second one nearly buried it - it would be eleven years before his popular return in Tarantino's Pulp Fiction - but MG argues it's well worth getting back out on the dance floor with Tony Manero! #MartiniGiant

Episode 073: Snatch and The Long Good Friday

Oi! We have a butchers' at some cockney crime! Crime movies are one of our favorite genres here at MG, from John Huston's grainy noirs to Michael Mann's sleek modernism. But there's something extra special about the British crime pictures - their street-level view of a collapsing empire often feeling grand and gritty simultaneously - and today we take a look at two of the greats: The Long Good Friday, featuring Bob Hoskins' iconic performance as the ambitious-and-doomed Harold Shand, and Guy Ritchie's comic classic, Snatch, which we argue is top-3 Brad Pitt! #MartiniGiant

Episode 072: Flash Gordon and Highlander

Queen of Sci-Fi! There are certain movies that if you see them at just the right age, become part of your cinematic DNA - you quote them with your friends, memorize every frame, and listen to their music until the cassette tape gets warbley. There can be only... Flash! And this is even more true when that soundtrack is by one of the greatest rock bands in history, as is the case with tonight's fan-requested double feature! Join us as MG takes on the Queen-scored masterpieces(?) Flash Gordon and Highlander - and we see if they live up to our fond 80's memories! #MartiniGiant

Episode 071: Boogie Nights and the Genius of PT Anderson

MG on PTA! Paul Thomas Anderson has become one of the most respectable names in world cinema, with every new chapter of his filmography being greeted as a major artistic landmark whether he is working with legendary talents like Daniel Day Lewis or teasing out unexpected performances from megastars like Adam Sandler. But for his breakout hit, he created a family of fresh faces, has-beens, and old pros all centered around the least respected side of the biz! Join MG in a lovefest for his masterpiece Boogie Nights! #MartiniGiant

Episode 070: Annihilation and Under the Skin

Strange SF is back! Science fiction filmmaking was briefly set free of its genre constraints following Kubrick's 2001 - and in the early 1970s, flying saucers and rubber monsters were left behind in favor of experimental stories like David Bowie's The Man Who Fell to Earth and Saul Bass' weirdo ant-apocalypse, Phase IV. Sadly, it all came to a halt on May 25th, 1977 when Star Wars arrived to lock us into 35 years of Lucas-copycats - but recently things are starting to get strange again - join MG as we take a look at this new trend with Under the Skin and Annihilation! #MartiniGiant

Episode 069: Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Wars: Rogue One

Franchises done right! Conventional wisdom tells us that prequels, sequels and reboots are never as good as the originals, yet franchise installments make up two-thirds of the biggest box-office hits of all time. Do they ever get it right? Tonight, MG takes a couple of contenders: Gareth Edwards' Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which goes a long way to recapturing the original trilogy's magic - and the George Miller's wild reimagining of his own series, Mad Max: Fury Road, which some (read: Thron) think is one of the greatest films of all time! #MartiniGiant

Episode 068: Bridesmaids & Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Ensemble comedies are usually light and breezy, and that's true of our double feature tonight as well - but even our picks have crowd-pleasing, sit-com-like setups, these films both use this to dig into far deeper material than is the norm for this genre. Up first: Kristen Wiig's megahit Bridesmaids, directed by Paul Feig, which was sold as the female answer to The Hangover, but is so much more than that - followed by Pedro Almodóvar's outlandish indie smash Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, which introduces us to baby Antonio Banderas! #MartiniGiant

Episode 067: "Moon and Robot & Frank"

When people think of science fiction, they generally think of mega-budget spectacles - noisy junk that slathers on the expensive visual effects to cover for the fact that the scripts are terrible. But when filmmakers keep the budget low, it can free them up to take more chances and tell more interesting stories. So tonight MG offers up a double feature of low-budget, high concept indies that manage to keep it smart while shooting for the stars: Duncan Jones' Moon and Jake Schreier's Robot and Frank starring Frank Langella! #MartiniGiant

Episode 066: Sneakers and Baby Driver

It's a double feature of offbeat heists! Heist movies are a staple of the MG diet - and tonight we have a double-feature of offbeat choices that might just be on track to become new classics - first up: though it bombed in 1992, younger audiences have recently rediscovered Robert Redford's wildly ahead-of-it's-time caper comedy Sneakers, that features a plot tailor-made for our post-Snowden age - followed by a newer entry: Edgar Wright's stylish and action-packed semi-musical, Baby Driver, that is as violent as it is hilarious, and has one of the best car chases in modern memory! #MartiniGiant