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Episode 132: "the Parallax View" & "Klute"

Pakula Paranoia!

In an era defined by paranoia and governmental distrust, no one tapped into the zeitgeist like Alan Pakula, who's dark explorations of America's moral erosion still disturb today! Join us for his masterpieces, Klute and The Parallax View!

With the betrayal of Watergate and the release of the Pentagon Papers, America in the 1970's was a haunted,

Disillusioned society, and much of that stress can be seen in the films of the period. But MG argues that, even in a decade that brought us Apocalypse Now and Three Days of the Condor,

No director was more plugged into this paranoid zeitgeist than Alan Pakula!

Join us for his twin masterpieces, Klute and The Parallax View!

The American Nightmare

Drink. Talk. Drink


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