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Episode 123: "Air" and "Blackberry"


Corporate Mythmaking!

From Fincher's The Social Network to Hulu's Cheetos movie, corporate myth-making is a hot genre, attracting both glitzy Hollywood productions and scrappy indies alike

- and tonight we sample both with Amazon's Air and Canada's Blackberry!

Corporate mythologizing has become a major genre, with more and more entries every year

- from Danny Boyle's Jobs, to Apple's Tetris, to Hulu's Flamin' Hot movie - based on the creation of spicy Cheetos no less.

Have we slipped a peg culturally, since the days of Ghandi and Ali?

Or will tonight's double feature of Air - the Air Jordan story - or Blackberry, the fall of the world's most popular handheld device, change MG's mind?


Drink. Talk. Drink

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