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Episode 122: "Amelie" and "The Brand New Testament"

Lily is back!

Lily Nichols joins MG once again to bring us another film we've never heard of - this time, the surrealist Belgian fantasy The Brand New Testament!

Join us as we compare this to another unreal classic: Jean-Pierre Jeunet's landmark Amelie!

MG is excited to welcome Lily Nichols back to the show with a double feature of surrealist strangeness!

First up we look at a fascinating Belgian comedy called The Brand New Testament, in which God's daughter comes to Earth to fix everything he did wrong -

Then we take on Jean-Pierre Jeunet's landmark romantic masterpiece Amelie,

Who's brilliant visuals and bold new filmmaking reinvigorated French cinema in the early 2000s nearly as much as Jean Luc Godard's Breathless did in the 1960s!

Lily Nichols returns!

Drink. Talk. Drink

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