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Episode 114: "Top Gun: Maverick " and "Top Secret!"

Kilmer's the Tops!

MG takes on two of Kilmer's Top films!

Tom Cruise' sequel to 86's Top Gun wasn't just a salute to classic Hollywood action films,

" Is that a Virtual Stage over there ? "

But also a swan song for another hero of 80's film - join us as MG celebrates two Top performances from Val Kilmer: Top Gun: Maverick and Top Secret!

- and Brad Pitt's long-legged, star-powered Bullet Train,

Steven Spielberg told Tom Cruise that he saved Hollywood with his and Joe Kosinski's magnificent sequel to 1986's Top Gun

and it's true that it both revitalized post-pandemic theatergoing - but it also served to remind us of that 80's feeling of much fun movies and movie stars could be,

and served as a sort of swan song for one of that decade's unsung greats: Val Kilmer.

So tonight MG takes a look at two of his Top films: the breathtaking Top Gun: Maverick, and the waiting-to-be-rediscovered slapstick classic Top Secret!

Drink. Talk. Drink


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