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Episode 113: "Everything Everywhere all at Once" and "Bullet Train"

Everything Bullet Train, All At Once!

Michelle Yeoh's incredible indie Everything Everywhere All At Once and Brad Pitt's star-powered Bullet Train make up tonight's double feature -

- as both are part of the rarest breed of Hollywood movie: the non-franchise, non-superhero hit!

" Is that a Virtual Stage over there ? "

Marvel and DC continue to dominate global box office, but with Michelle Yeoh's Oscar-Nominated indie darling Everything Everywhere All at Once

- and Brad Pitt's long-legged, star-powered Bullet Train,

MG believes we might be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel !

These non-franchise hits suggest that audiences are finally craving more than just spandex-of-the-week storytelling,

and Hollywood is starting to listen - but will it be enough to bring crowds back to the megaplex?

Bullets Everywhere!

Drink. Talk. Drink


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