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Episode 111: "TOOTSIE"

A Hoffman classic!

Dustin Hoffman has had a long and illustrious career from Ratso Rizzo to Rain man

- but MG argues that one of his best performances is actually in one of his silliest movies - Sydney Pollack's classic comedy from 1982, Tootsie!

"I beg you to get Therapy""

Cross-dressing comedies were a Hollywood staple for countless decades,

from Some Like it Hot to Mrs. Doubtfire - and many, for obvious reasons, have become pretty cringeworthy watches in modern times.

But MG argues that Sydney Pollack's classic 1982 comedy Tootsie

Starring Dustin Hoffman as Dorothy Michaels -

While still 80's-dated in many ways - actually remains a powerfully empathic work of great depth and humanism - while still delivering on its slapstick conceit!

MG takes on Tootsie!

Drink. Talk. Drink

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