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Episode 110: "The King of Comedy

The fun's over, Jerry!

"Ok Jerry, Ill give you six Weeks ! "

Scorsese and DeNiro have enjoyed a decades-spanning partnership that is almost unparalleled

- but tonight MG looks at one of their most often forgotten collaborations

"Jerry Langford !!"

- 1982's hilariously awkward, socially prescient The King of Comedy!

Long Few actor-director partnerships are as enduring or iconic as the one that Robert DeNiro and Martin Scorsese have enjoyed, from the visceral 70's masterpieces Mean Streets and Taxi Driver, to iconic biopic Raging Bull,

to the genre-defining criminal histories of Goodfellas and Casino

" HaHaHA HA "

- and with each outing, the pair has set new standards in character, performance, and storytelling that have changed the course of cinema.

But tonight MG wants to spotlight most-often forgotten collaboration: 1982's painfully awkward and socially prescient The King of Comedy!

MG thinks De Niro is The King!

Drink. Talk. Drink

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