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Episode 109: "In the Mood for Love"

MG gets Moody!

" Someday we will type on a thing called the Computer, not a typewriter! "

In the midst of a pop-dominated landscape, sometimes it's good to recharge our belief that film can be profound, introspective art - so please join us as we look back on Wong Kar-wai's tragic, sumptuous masterpiece, In the Mood for Love!

We at MG love pop film - Avatar: The Way of Water and Top Gun: Maverick are popcorn masterpieces.

"Your not great at book keeping, lets be honest."

But these have been the rare exception to the wave of mindless, bland franchise pictures that have dominated film culture for more than a decade,

and it's hard to believe there was a time - not too long ago -

" I feel like I am having dinner in a really beautiful art film"

- when a gorgeously crafted adult drama could hold its own at the box office. So please join us as we refresh our belief in film as art,

and take a loving look back on Wong Kar-wai's achingly beautiful In the Mood for Love!

MG is In The Mood!

Drink. Talk. Drink

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