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Episode 106: "Devil in a Blue Dress" & " The Mighty Quinn"

Unseen Denzel!

Tonight MG takes on a terrific Denzel Washington double feature -

But while he's one of the best, most famous actors in movie history, it's quite possible you haven't heard of the underseen gems The Mighty Quinn and Devil in a Blue Dress!

With a career as long, varied, and impressive as Denzel Washington's,

it's almost inevitable that some great pictures are going to slip through the cracks of film history,

So MG wants to shine a spotlight on two of the actor's most interesting, most forgotten films! First up, he's cool as hell in 1989's The Mighty Quinn, a seemingly breezy Jamaican mystery-adventure that mixes light 80's action comedy with a sinister colonial subtext --

and next up, we have the should-have-been-a-franchise masterpiece Devil in a Blue Dress from 1995, featuring an all-time great team-up with the amazing Don Cheadle!

The Mighty Devilish Denzel Washington!

Drink. Talk. Drink

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