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Episode 105: "Rosemary's Baby"

MG has Rosemary's Baby!

Since the 2010's, smart, slow-burn horror films have come steadily back into the spotlight, to the point where A24 has created a cottage industry for itself with arthouse-friendly hits like Midsommar, The Witch, and Saint Maud.

But in reviewing Polanski's late-60's classic,

MG feels there's still nothing like Mia Farrow in the spooky, funny, and weirdly upsetting Rosemary's Baby,

which manages to both capture and criticize the zeitgeist of the decade in a way that is profoundly relevant even half a century later!

MG says there's still nothing quite like the Mia-Farrow-led, zeitgeist-capturing Rosemary's Baby!

MG Hails Satan!

Drink. Talk. Drink

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