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Episode 102: "Uncut Gems"

MG bets big!

MG bets on Sandler!

Adam Sandler has split his films so starkly into unwatchable trash and modern masterpieces that MG wonders if he's secretly twins like Nicholas Cage in Adaptation - but tonight we take on the movie that put him over the top: Uncut Gems!

There are two types of Adam Sandler fans:

Those who love ruanchy, dumb, slapdash, quick-turnaround, cash-grab, overlit junk - like Hubie Halloween, Ridiculous 6, Jack & Jill,and Little Nicky,

And those who enjoy brilliant acting, thoughtful screenplays, and artful direction - as seen in The Meyerowitz Stories, Hustle, and Punch Drunk Love.

MG is in the latter camp, but even we were unprepared for the insane intensity, crazy filmmaking, and the tour-de-force central performance of the film ...

We're taking on tonight: Uncut Gems!

Drink. Talk. Drink

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