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Episode 092: "Insomnia - 1997" & "Insomnia - 2002"

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

MG can't sleep!

Tonight MG kicks off its series on Originals vs Remakes!

Our first matchup: 1997's brutally bleak crime masterpiece Insomnia, starring a sleezy Stellan Skarsgård as a detective who might be worse than the murderer he's chasing down

- going up against Christopher Nolan's 2002 stylish remake of the same name!

The first is a scrappy, sleek, small-scale Norwegian thriller,

and the second is - predictably - a big budget, star-studded Hollywood affair.

Originals vs Remakes: INSOMNIA!

Tune in and find out if Nolan's follow-up to Memento keeps us up late, or puts us to sleep!

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