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Episode 078: "Ghost Story", "Bad Milo" & "Ravenous"

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Happy Halloween MG fans! Every year (hopefully) each of us pick horror movies that the others haven't seen - so break out the pumpkin spice and get ready for some deep cuts!

On the marquee: Bad Milo (Chris), Ghost Story (Erick), and Ravenous (Thron)!

Break out the Pumpkin Spice martinis MG fans, because it's time for our annual horror triple feature! Each October, your hosts all pick a shocker that the other two haven't seen, and we guarantee you have some deep cuts comin'!

" Deep cuts for Halloween! "

First up, Chris goes for the gut with the low-budget gross out-comedy Bad Milo, starring The State's Ken Marino and Office Space's Stephen Root;

" Slow Down ! "

Then Erick unearths the long-forgotten bones of Fred Astaires' Ghost Story,

and finally Thron takes us to the frontier for some cannibalistic fun in Ravenous, with Guy Pierce!

" Vintage Scares !! "

" An old Friend !! "

" Former Friends !! "


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