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Episode 077: "Badlands" & "Buffalo 66"

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Tonight MG takes on a couple of road-trip romances

" Romance on the run! "

Terrence Malick's breakout hit Badlands & Vincent Gallo's indie darling Buffalo '66 - but MG thinks these films reveal more about the audience than they do about their characters!

" Shifter Cars !! "

Romance-on-the-run is one of cinema's most enduring genres, '

from Gun Crazy to Wild at Heart -

- but tonight's selections are a strange breed all by themselves: films built to test the audience's relationship to their heroes, and make us ask why we identify with them and their sometimes ugly stories!

First up: Terrence Malick's breakout hit Badlands, in which an innocent-seeming Sissy Spacek follows handsome newcomer Martin Sheen on a cross-country killing spree -

.. then next up is Vincent Gallo's quirky indie Buffalo '66

- one of Erick's favorites!

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