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Our Origin Story

A summer afternoon at the Firehouse

Chris and Dan probably should have been sitting in the dark and churning out VFX shots on that breezy summer afternoon, crunched as they were by another brutal deadline. But it was that very pressure that made the siren's song of martinis, served al fresco at the dangerously work-adjacent Firehouse bar & grill so damned irresistible. They were debating movies in their usual fashion; excited, loud, and a bit too tipsy for the hour -- when up the sidewalk came a..well, let's call him a more professionally inebriated gentleman, who stopped dead in his tracks and began to stare.

Now sure, Nichols and Thron are a couple of tall fellas. But the latter in particular has a more Hagrid-ish dimension to him, and for this visitor, seeing the combination of Dan's width, wild hair, and explosive beard with his gently tapered, upsettingly elfin hands - cradling a chilled cocktail glass, no less - was simply too much to comprehend.

"Jesus," he yelled. "You're like a...giant! Some sort of goddamned martini-giant!"

They all laughed. And then Dan crushed him and ate his bones.

Our first episodes on the CG Garage Podcast

Martini Giant was first aired as a guest-episode of Chaos Group's hugely successful VFX Industry podcast CG Garage, created and hosted by Nichols, and soon grew to a popular string of episodes that covered a wide range of VFX-based blockbusters and franchises. By the time the show was having guests like Chaos' David Tracy and Ironklad Studios' founder Justin Goby Fields (for a zesty two-part, five-hour throwdown on The Last Jedi that you can listen to here), it started to become clear that MG needed even more room to grow, and when friend, artist, and co-filmmaker Erick Schiele joined the mix, the chemistry was obvious, and they knew it was time to leave the nest.* 

We want to thank the amazing Lon Grohs for being our creative shepherd, as well as V-Ray founders Vlado Koylazov and Peter Mitev for their endless support and friendship from even before MG's existence - and finally, tremendous thanks to the fans that have followed us so far.  We can't wait to read your comments in the new year, especially the really saucy ones you shouldn't hit send on, but damn it, can't resist.

*And you thought we only mixed drinks - nope, metaphors are clearly on the happy hour list as well.  Also, try the charcuterie. That prosciutto? Absolute dynamite


Daniel Thron - Star Wars Series. February 15, 2016

Thron contends that Return of the Jedi is directly responsible for the current presidency.


Daniel Thron - Mad Max Series. July 25, 2016

Nichols prefers backlit saxaphonists over electric guitarists.


Daniel Thron - The Jurassic Park Series. July 25, 2016

In which any vestige of Thron's credibility dies in screaming shame at at 1:07:57


Daniel Thron - La La Land. July 19, 2017

Nichols tap dances on the grave of nostalgia while Thron reveals he has a life-size Gosling body pillow.


Daniel Thron and David Tracy - The Last Jedi. January 08, 2018

The Giant flies through space on the wings of the Force. And David Tracy. And booze.

LAST_J_FINAL_02 copy.png

Daniel Thron and Justin GobyFields - The Last Jedi. January 29, 2018

A special guest storms the Giant's cave, ready for a bloody fight.


Daniel Thron and Justin GobyFields - The Last Jedi Part 2. February 12, 2018

Spoiler alert: the fight turns to hugs.


Daniel Thron - Blade Runner 2049. March 19, 2018

Nichols and Thron discover they both have memories of a horse.


Daniel Thron and Erick Schiele - Jaws and More. February 24, 2018

Starring Erick Schiele as Chief Brody, Daniel Thron as Matt Hooper, and Chris Nichols as The USS Indianapolis.


Daniel Thron and Erick Schiele - Alien. September 24, 2018

The boys construct a 800 foot tall statue of Harry Dean Stanton made of whiskey and raw love.